Dirk Fletcher

Dirk Fletcher

Studio Leader, Digital Photography

With more than 16 years’ experience in corporate industrial photography, Dirk Fletcher is the Department Chair of the Digital Photography department at Harrington College of Design.

Fletcher graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in California in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts in Commercial/Illustration Photography. He also holds an MFA in Independent Filmmaking/Digital Imaging.

After moving to Chicago, he established a freelance business and served as staff photographer at the Museum of Science and Industry until he was asked to launch Harrington's new commercial digital photography program in 2004.

Fletcher's work has been published in national newspapers and magazines, annual reports, and advertisements. To balance his high-tech days, he enjoys shooting with “old-school” tools and techniques. His favorite camera is a custom-made, super-wide-angle pinhole camera that allows for a sweeping panoramic feel.

Fletcher's personal work—which is influenced by industrial greats Winston Link and Andreas Feininger—records skyscrapers, bridges, airplanes, railroads and bridges, as well as his wife and two young sons.