Duffy O'Connor

Duffy OConnor

Adjunct Faculty, Critical Studies & Foundations Department

Born in Pontiac, Mich., and raised near Detroit, Duffy O'Connor received his BA in History from Grand Valley State University in western Michigan and attended graduate school at the University of Iowa, receiving MA and MFA degrees in Printmaking.

He has been at Harrington College of Design since the fall of 2000 as a foundations instructor, teaching courses in drawing techniques, basic design and color and illustration. Other teaching positions he has held include the University of Iowa, Grand Valley State University and the University of Michigan's New England Literature Program. He has also taught oil painting at The Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago.

He furthermore has taught classes at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative (CPC) since early 2003 and has been a member there since 2000. When he needs to print, he does so at the CPC, an organization that has become his home in the Chicago art scene and has brought many exhibition opportunities. He is currently working on multiple upcoming exhibitions. To view his work, visit his website www.duffyoconnor.com.