Peter Klick

Peter Klick

Adjunct Faculty, Interior Design Program

Peter Klick Peter Klick has worked for over 30 years as an interior designer all over Europe and North America, owning an interior design company since 1984. He has been widely published in leading newspapers, interior design magazines and design books.

Peter moved from Switzerland to Chicago in 1999. Since then, Peter has been an interior design educator and interior designer working for Chicago-based firms and clients. Peter teaches upper-level interior design classes and is Program Coordinator of Interior Design, responsible for competition and student events.

Peter has a Master of Arts in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design from the Staatlichen Akademie Der Bildenden Kuenste Stuttgart, Germany, and a licensed degree in Classical Furniture and Fine Wood Working from the Gewerbeschule Basel, Switzerland.

"Interior Design is the most exciting profession, to create three-dimensional spaces with the fourth element, the light."