Welcome from the President

Gretchen Frickx 

Harrington College of Design is a quality school of integrated design, built on a foundation of innovation, creative collaboration and passion for exploration that began with our founding in 1931 and continues today.

The college’s mission is to create the next generation of design professionals, as we have done for generations, first in interior design and more recently in commercial photography and communication design. We’re committed to delivering an unmatched educational experience by offering a faculty of many experienced professionals, innovative programs, a progressive curriculum and a student-centered approach enriched by the historic, vibrant and diverse culture of Chicago.

At Harrington, we have a steadfast belief in the practitioner-educator model and in bringing real-world experiences into the classroom. Such experience is augmented by meaningful interactions with the design professions via real-world challenges, competitions and studio visits.

Whether you are considering an undergraduate or graduate degree, the rigor of the programs, the diversity of perspective amongst the students, the dedication of the staff and the expertise of the faculty combine to make Harrington a unique experience in design education and a unique opportunity for you to write your own story.

Welcome to Chicago’s Design School. Welcome to Harrington.


Gretchen Frickx
President, Harrington College of Design