Harrington Digital Photography Show Wrap-Up

April 24, 2012 Photography, General 0 Comments

Harrington Photography Show

Harrington's Digital Photography department recently hosted its 6th Annual Student and Faculty Gallery Exhibition, which ran throughout the month of March at the Harrington College of Design Madison Street Gallery.

Harrington Digital Photography student Brynn Hines (pictured below) was chosen as the Best of Show winner. She is the proud recipient of the Golden Holga Award for 2012.

Harrington Photography Show

Runners up included students Ryan Ledesma, Jamie Philp, Sarah Linder and Diane Hoover. Each of these individuals were invited to exhibit their work in the new photo gallery at Harrington located on the 5th floor.

This year’s show was sponsored by the Canson Infinity Paper Company, which donated one its photographic inkjet paper for all of the student photos to be printed on for the exhibition.

The event was a great success and showcased the best of our photography college work for all to see!

Harrington Photography Show

Photos courtesy of Tim Arroyo


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