Harrington Hosts Lifestyle Photographer Eric Klein

April 17, 2012 Photography, General 0 Comments

Eric Klein at Harrington

The Harrington Photography department recently hosted renowned lifestyle photographer Eric Klein. Students, staff and faculty were invited to listen to the Chicago-based photographer.

At the event, Klein explained and dissected a quote from one of his recent projects for Amtrak and shared his personal style of lifestyle photography he brings to every shoot. Klein explained how he tries to bring excitement and energy to every shoot while also creating a relaxed atmosphere for the advertising agency and client.

As he shares on his website, “Regardless of the subject, I like to tell stories, solve problems, and figure out the most efficient way to pull off a shoot … As all the elements come together, I provide simple direction that allows the story to unfold and capture the real moments as they happen.”

Check out some of Eric Klein’s electrifying work at

Many thanks to Eric for the presentation and opportunity to learn more about your style!

Photo courtesy of Tim Arroyo


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