Harrington Interior Design Students Remodel and Restore Homes on HGTV: A Look Back

April 30, 2012 General, Alumni & Career Services, Interior Design 0 Comments

We often see Harrington students and alumni pop up in local and national media as their design work captures the attention of those around them. A few years back, however, we had the exciting opportunity to watch as Harrington interior design students showcased not only their design talents but also their professionalism in live action on a popular HGTV channel series. When I came across these YouTube videos recently, I felt it was certainly worth another share!

Ten senior interior design students at Harrington College of Design were chosen by the HGTV program producers from hundreds of other candidates from some of the foremost design schools in the nation. These students were given two weeks to design, two days to work and just $2,000 to complete their very real client projects in episodes of “Designer Finals,” a weekly home decorating show on the channel.

Beginning with plans for the renovation, which was done in consultation with a Harrington faculty mentor, the students then purchased the materials, hired contractors and ran the entire remodeling process. The student designers featured on the program were Jenelle Dillman, Danielle Doyle, Jennifer Harris, Jill Lazzari, Magda Makas, Lucius Moody, Nina Pierce, Safrina Spedoske, Patrick Thompson and Kimberly Williams.

In the clips below, check out a glimpse of a project from Magda Makas, who was a Harrington senior at the time. Magda was chosen to redesign the interior of a house that was over 100 years old, including an entryway, office and living room. If you can believe it, these clients were her very first! Her design, titled “Red, Red, Red Living Room,” featured a rich red color palette with accents of gold and orange:


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