New Design Resources in the Harrington Library

April 23, 2012 General 0 Comments

Patrons of the Harrington Library this month can find some fascinating and informative new books in the design and photography disciplines. Two new books which you might want to “check out” are:

Make Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration
by Scott Doorley and Scott Witthoft, 2012

This book is based on the work at the Stanford University Institute of Design and its Environments Collaborative Initiative, a tool that shows how space can be intentionally manipulated to inspire creativity. The book guides readers through creating new spaces and redesigning existing space while providing novel strategies for creating spaces specifically to enhance the ways the space’s future inhabitants will work, play and communicate.

The Altered Landscape
by Skira Rizzoli, 2011

"The Altered Landscape" offers a comprehensive look at the work of 100 contemporary photographers who capture the impact of human activity on natural landscapes. This inspired collection of photographs demonstrates a wide range of artists, techniques, visual styles, subjects, and ideological positions that have all been organized chronologically. "The Altered Landscape" features work by photographers Andy Goldsworthy, Chris Jordan, Catherine Opie, and Edward Burtynsky. The photography arrangement showcases a diversity of voices within the field of contemporary photography to create a powerful visual discussion on the impact of mankind on nature.


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