What is Harrington’s Student Government All About?

April 16, 2012 General 0 Comments

Harrington Student GovernmentHarrington College of Design Student Government (HSG) is a group of elected officials that coordinates many of the activities around the Harrington campus across all three programs: Interior Design, Photography and Graphic Design.

HSG hosts new student welcome luncheons, Town Hall meetings, focus groups, and tours of the campus for prospective students. In addition, the group offers a voice to students to express feedback and questions or concerns regarding campus life. HSG aims to make sure that issues concerning the student body are presented and addressed as quickly as possible with faculty and staff.

Overall, the organization helps make sure the campus is a more enjoyable educational and social experience for students. HSG also encourages the cross-collaboration of different groups on campus and assists students who are not yet involved to become a part of the diverse student and faculty population.

HSG’s office is located outside of Suite 212. Students can stop by to ask Student Government representatives any questions they might have or to pick up information about other groups on campus.

The Harrington Student Government also features:

  • City navigation tips on transportation, housing, sights and sounds, hangout spots and other resources in Chicago
  • Program Insight, where students can get advice from upper classmen from their program
  • Professional networking events in collaboration with Career Services
  • Community outreach programs, such as the Imagine charity art auction, Chicago Youth Programs and more
  • Campus improvements, such as the 4th floor lounge and in-progress 5th floor lounge

All new students are encouraged to check out this student organization and keep HSG informed of current student issues. To contact HSG with any questions or concerns regarding school or off campus issues, please email


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