Using The Ceiling In Your Interior Designs

April 8, 2013 Interior Design 0 Comments

interior design for ceilingsSuccessful interior designers use their creative talents to constantly search for new design innovations, ideas, tricks, and more. What better way to take interior design to new heights than to target the ceiling?

The ceiling may be one of the most overlooked facets of interior design. Although high, vaulted ceilings built by interior designers and contractors can be naturally magnificent features in a room, ceilings of normal height and design are often ignored. Unfortunately, plain white ceilings can be dull and even dampen the atmosphere of the room, especially if your interior design draws your eyes toward the bare white ceilings.

To incorporate the ceiling into your interior design, you can try several different approaches. All you have to do is make sure that the method you choose matches the tone of the room and its overall design scheme. Here are some creative ways to revamp your ceiling.

  • Paint it—try a solid color or a pattern. If you use a pattern, don’t make it too bold, and always make sure it’s balanced with the style and colors of the furniture below. Solid colors can work well if they complement the shade on the walls or match it completely. Paint a high ceiling a darker color to make the room more inviting, and paint the ceiling a lighter shade to make the room appear larger.
  • Add light fixtures—by choosing decorative light fixtures, you brighten the room while you draw attention to the ceiling. Opt for a large hanging fixture such as a chandelier, build recessed lighting into the ceiling, or try track lighting that’s wired along the ceiling using attractive brackets. Emphasize a hanging light using a distinct ceiling medallion, which is typically a circular or square ornamental plate that frames where the light meets the ceiling.
  • Accessorize—add features to the ceiling to add depth and personality. You can try wooden panels or beams, crown molding, and more. Consider building a coffered ceiling, which involves building a series of rectangular panels constructed out of crisscrossed boards, creating depth and definition in the ceiling.

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