Andrej Pantich: Parisian Inspiration

August 1, 2012 Photography 0 Comments

So I’ve been in Paris for almost three weeks now and am loving every minute of it.  Every aspect of this city is inspiring: fashion, interiors, architecture, art, landscape, monuments, the food - the list goes on.

andrej post 2b

Upwards look at courtyard interior, you can see how the spaces are now used through the windows

One piece of architecture that I find particularly interesting is the Hotel Particulier.

The Hotel Particulier was designed to be a hotel for one, or a single family, essentially the noble class.  It is designed with a wall on the front end with a large gate for protection (I find that the French love a good revolt).  Behind the gate is a courtyard large enough to turn a horse and carriage around.  There are two wings on either side of the courtyard and a main living quarter on the fourth side.  And behind the main quarters is a walled garden.

What inspires me so much about the Hotel Particuliers is that all the outdoor space allows natural light to permeate the building.  In my opinion, natural light is the best light for any room.

Since the hotel was built for the rich, they had ornate design and decorations, both inside and out.  This includes decorative medallions on the walls, unique drain pipes, and ornate carvings.

andrejpost 2a

Picture of ornamentation

Currently, these buildings are not used as a single person hotel.  They have been converted to studio spaces for designers, apartments, cafes, and some even still exist today as hotels (which are occasionally rented by a single person).  One Hotel Particulier is the Hotel Salomon de Rothschild which now houses the Centre National de la Photographie and is open to the public.  This building has been rented out multiple times recently to stage fashion shows during the Paris Fashion Weeks.


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