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Yesterday we shared the Photo Filter Juried Photography contest which recently occured in the Chicago neighborhood of Logan Square. Today we follow up with Travis Roozée, winner of one of three juried awards at the Photo Filter Event and adjunct instructor at the Harrington College of Design, to find out what makes his camera click: his inspirations, his work and his photography both within and outside of our College.

Roozee Work 1QAMe: What did you think of the event?
Travis: The Filter Photo Walk was an opportunity to present my photography to a select group of editors and gallery directors who were previously unfamiliar with my work. Additionally, it was great to see the photography of the fellow participants and chat with photo enthusiasts. The chance to network is always invaluable.

Me: How else are you involved in Chicago's photography scene?
Travis: Basically, I attend as many gallery openings, lectures, and events as my schedule allows. Having returned to Chicago two years ago, I've been forced to reconnect to the city's scene. Chicago, and photography in general, have changed dramatically in the last ten years, so there is much to learn. I'm happy to be back in the Midwest, reconnecting with the vibrant community that exists here.

Roozee Work 2QAMe: Can you share a little about your winning portfolio at the event?
Travis: For the Photo Walk, I presented my MFA thesis project Practical Photography. The documentary-style photographs incorporate archival imagery and text into a loose narrative about relationships, people and place. The work is presented in a self published book, which I thought would be appropriate for the event. A book is an intimate, structured method for viewing photographs - it's easy to pick up and appreciate.

Me: What do you enjoy most about teaching photography?
Travis: In my mind, teaching and photographing are inextricably connected. Each requires a degree of expertise, various techniques, social and organizational skills, the ability to improvise and patience. These talents translate to the classroom or the job.

Roozee Work 3QAMe: So what originally got you into photography?
Travis: I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago (Rolling Meadows and Crystal Lake). It was my grandfather who encouraged my interest in photography. He would take me to camera shows to buy used equipment, let me use his basement darkroom and organize camping/photography outings. The how-to texts that introduce each chapter of Practical Photography are subtle references to his influence.

Many congrats to Travis on the recognition! You can see more of Travis’ work at his website: and learn from Travis yourself in one of Harrington College of Design's photography classrooms.

Practical Photography Photo © Travis Roozee


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