Studying Abroad In Paris

August 23, 2012 General, Interior Design 0 Comments

Guest blogger Andrej Pantich, a Harrington College of Design Interior Design student, shares his experience studying abroad in Paris with Harrington’s International Studies Program.

When it’s not jam packed by tourists, Versailles is an amazing place. Built originally for the kings of France, it has been continually added to over the years. Louis XV added two buildings on the grounds that we would consider to be mansions, but to the kings were just small secondary homes. Later, Louis XVI added a small farming village for Marie Antoinette. The amazing thing is that this entire castle, the grounds and the village, all look the same today as they did when they were built hundreds of years ago. A few places have been restored to their original glamour and there have been some museum-esque pavilions and shops added on, but the historic decor and architecture still stand.

Chateau VersaillesThe hundreds of acres of gardens, fountains, forests and canals around Versailles are a study in classical symmetrical landscape design. The buildings are absolutely massive, but when you tour them, you can only go into certain areas and into a very small portion of the chateau. The decor inside is extremely over the top. If someone were to decorate like that today, the style would be considered gaudy even for the Real Housewives of New Jersey. The fabric used for the wallpaper is the same fabric as the curtains, sofa and even the rug. Add in lots of glitz and gold and anything shiny. But because it wasn’t designed today, it is stunning and beautiful. Versailles is a great place to pull inspiration from - just never the whole concept!

I have three weeks left here in Paris. I’m going to make the most of every last one, and keep blogging about it along the way.


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