Harrington Launches Web Design & Development Program!

August 23, 2012 Graphic & Comm. Design 0 Comments

Harrington Launches Web Design & Development Program!

“The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.” -Tim Berners-Lee
The Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development program at Harrington College of Design provides a unique and innovative education in the tools and principles of design for interactive communication.
By focusing from the start on a holistic course of study that combines liberal arts with computer science, students will gain a lasting foundation for learning and synthesizing emerging technologies to improve the human experience of using the ever-changing internet.
At its most basic level, the program cultivates curious minds to imagine and implement creative solutions. Students in this program will learn to think, speak, design, and code in a collaborative learning environment that promotes strong communication skills, global awareness, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Why study Web Design & Development at Harrington?

Unlike similar-sounding programs that focus primarily on the tools used to design for the web, our program puts equal emphasis on the concepts behind these skills and teaches you to design beautiful and useful creative technologies for meeting the challenges of our evolving digital society.
Classes at Harrington are a hands-on immersion into both digital and conventional techniques that take you from color theory, graphic design, typography, audio, video, and interactivity to advanced programming, electronics, database management, project administration, and user experience design. A few examples of classes offered through the Web Design & Development program include:

Web 130: Programming Methods
Introducing computer science and programming to students with little prior experience requires a gentle and engaging approach. Starting with the classic “KAREL The Robot” programming exercises, students learn creative problem solving with code before digging into writing programs in a variety of languages to better understand their similarities and appreciate the syntactical differences.

Web 220: Content Management, Design & Strategy
Students create their own unique, social presence on the web by customizing, modifying, and configuring of an existing Content Management System (CMS). Students will select a topic of societal interest to explore, identify types of relevant content, and devise a workflow for their design, collection, editing, approval, and publishing.

Web 230: User Experience Design
Why are some sites so enjoyable to use while many others are not? The difference is often a well designed user experience. Students will apply the tools and techniques of information architecture for observing audience behavior, analyzing usability problems and creating experiences that demonstrate best practices of user centered design.

For 80 years, Harrington College of Design has helped educate creative people in the design field. The Web Design & Development program draws from our deep design experience and network and will be a launch pad for learning to succeed in today’s networked economy.
Tomorrow we share a day in the life of a Creative Technologist, just one example of a career path that our Web Design + Development program can lead to!

Day In The Life of a Creative Technologist

Harrington College of Design is proud to announce the launch of its Web Design & Development program. With this program, we look forward to advancing our students in an entirely new field of design, as a natural development from our strong foundation in interior design, digital photography and communication design. Below is an example of just one career path that our Web Design & Development program would prepare you for. Enjoy!

6:00 am: My Time
Rising early is a wonderful habit because I can start the day working a few hours on my own projects. Today, I’m adding the final animations to my new iPhone App and hope to send it to a few friends for beta testing.

8:30 am: Commute
During my multi-tasking ride to work I enjoy catching up on tech news by listening to podcasts while flipping through digital magazines, Instapaper, and Flipboard on my trusty iPad.

9:15 am: Daily Scrum
The first meeting everyday is the “scrum” where we each announce what we accomplished yesterday, what we’re going to do today, and list any impediment s in our way. It’s the perfect way to start off focused, committed, and ready to tackle our workload.

10:00 am: Design Time
My first project is perfecting the interface design for a client’s revamped shopping site. I’m deep into Photoshop polishing the pixels of the final look and feel based on my design sketches that were enthusiastically approved by the client last week. This is looking great.

12:30 pm: Lunch & Learn
Being a professional means staying a student forever and my company provides lots of opportunities to keep developing my skills. Today we’re being treated to lunch and a lecture on new techniques for responsive web design, learning the newest methods for creating a webpage that look good on any size screen from phone to desktop and everything inbetween. The coolest thing? Our lecturer is skyping in from London where her workday just ended.

2:30 pm: Development time
Switching gears from this morning I’ve moved onto HTML5/CSS3 markup to refine the responsive design website we’ve been struggling with. I’m working to complete a prototype and today’s lunch and learn has sparked a new idea that I think might be just the solution I’m looking for, but I need some help.

4:15 pm: Team brainstorm
I grab a few of my teammates to discuss my plans for changing the mobile layout of our prototype and their input makes all the difference. Now that I see the forest (instead of just trees) I’ll have a solid, smart prototype for users testing tonight.

6:00 pm: User Testing
Today will be later than usual as I’m on my way to a focus group to sit behind a one-way mirror to watch how real users respond to our prototype website. These sessions are always fascinating, but there can be a lot of down-time so I like to catch up on my personal blogging during the breaks.

8:30 pm: Home At Last
I check Facebook and one of my friends says his kids loved my new App. Of course, he found a couple bugs I have to fix, but I believe I’m on my way to being the next App Store “hundredaire”. It’s great to have a hobby that makes keeping my skills sharp so much fun!


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