10 Adobe Photoshop Brushes That Might Just Save Your Life

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10 Adobe Photoshop Brushes That Might Just Save Your LifeSome custom Adobe Photoshop brushes are reminiscent of stock Microsoft PowerPoint transitions—a little "cheesy." If you're not careful, your work might look like it's made from clip art or—worse—like it's overworked and overdone. However, if you use the right Photoshop brushes you'll save yourself loads of time and add pizzazz to your work. We've done the research for you! Here are our picks for 10 high-quality brushes. Best of all, they're all free.

1. Inspiration Hut's Fabric Texture and Tea Grain Brushes

These brushes are excellent for spicing up a background by adding interest or texture. If you're creating a worn look or would like your background to appear like a textured image, these brushes are for you.

2. Inspiration Hut's Specks and Splatters

If you've been wondering how to create a grungy look or how to add speckles or paint splatters to your work, Photoshop brushes are the solution. Not only are they easy to use, they'll save you tons of time because you won't have to create these effects in Adobe Illustrator. Remember not to overdo it because the background can overshadow your work.

3. PEPSized's Technical Brushes

These brushes allow you to add nuts, bolts, mechanical blueprints and other technical elements to your layouts. All the images are made from old-fashioned technical drawings so they appear authentic—not at all like clip art.

4. PEPSized's Nature Silhouettes

Included in this set of brushes are 19 nature-inspired silhouettes—mostly trees and grass. Drawing nature graphics on your own in Illustrator can be tedious, especially if you only need it for a background element. Use these brushes instead.

5. QBrushes' Smoke Set

If you need to add a hint of smoke to your project, these brushes will do the trick. The set even includes colored smoke that looks fairly realistic.

6. BrushKing's 3D Halftone

From time to time, you'll need to add depth to your background. One quick and easy way to do this is by using 3D halftones. Because halftones have perspective and a slow gradient, it's an effective way to add interest to a plain background.

7. WeGraphic's Dust Particles

Technically, these brushes are patterned after dust particles, but because they create a more universal look they can help with many tasks. Use them to add dust, depth or interest to your background.

8. WeGraphic's Scorched and Burned

If you need a background to appear worn, these are the perfect tools for that effect. The set includes 10 Adobe Photoshop brushes that create realistic scorched and burned effects. Imagine the graphic stories you'll be able to create with this brush.

9. IdealHut's Hi-Res Hair Brushes

Outlining hair silhouettes can be tedious and time-consuming. This might seem like cheating, but with these brushes it'll only take seconds to add hair to your figure.

10. Brusheezy's VectorPack

You guessed it! This brush pack creates a wide range of patterned circles in vector format—no pixelation. The sky's the limit with these brushes. They're useful for everything from backgrounds to patterns.

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