Design Trends: Layered Fonts

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Design Trends: Layered FontsWith the development of graphic design software, previously difficult font effects can now be created with a few clicks of your mouse. Layered fonts, in which your words seem to leap off the page with a 3D effect, are one of the most popular recent design trends that benefits from computer advancements.

In the past, modern graphic designers created 3D font effects by adding drop shadows, duplicating the font layers, stacking them and then tediously lining up the layers. If you think that sounds like a lot of work, spare a thought for traditional typesetters over the last two centuries. These early designers used blocks of chromatic wood to form words, then lined up each print run so the text overlapped in a certain area. This effect was seen in title fonts for newspapers and posters of the time.

So, layered fonts are nothing new. And now, thanks to the addition of layered font families to your database, you can create more font variations than ever. Here's a closer look at the options available with layered fonts.

Add Variety

Add decorative elements to your font and create multicolored fonts. Unlike traditional fonts, you're no longer limited to a single font color. Layered fonts allow you to select a color for the letters and another color for the decorative element. Depending on the number of layers, you could easily have three colors in one font.

Add Dimension

Easily make text look as if it is popping right off the page. A font that comes with a drop shadow layer makes it easy to add dimension to the typeface.

Add Realistic Special Effects

Have you ever wished you could make your type look as if it is faded, painted or airbrushed? Layered fonts such as FF Kipp contain an extra layer that makes the text area appear degraded or faded.

Add Side Notations

Many handwritten typefaces include layers with underlines, strikeouts and scratch outs. It's a way to add more meaning to the font or additional notations without extra work. Simply apply the additional layer with the element you want.

Add Backgrounds

If you've ever made a video or poster, then you know it's sometimes difficult to add text over images and videos with different hues in the background. Layered fonts with background layers easily solve this problem. Apply the background layer instead of meticulously rearranging the type, editing the colors in the images or manually applying backgrounds on your own.

Although design trends usually fade quickly, layered fonts are quite handy and will continue to be used by designers looking for a striking effect that can be created simply and quickly.

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