Get Known! How to Promote Your Business for Free

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Get Known! How to Promote Your Business for FreeIf you have your degree in one hand and a business plan in the other, then it's time to promote your business. It's never too early to get the word out. Thankfully, there are several ways to network and wow potential customers without spending a dime.

Since you're an alumnus, it's time to trade classroom projects for engaging in the real world. Try these activities:

  1. Participate in professional organizations. Look to your local job services offices and alma mater for groups to join. Choose organizations that help entrepreneurs succeed or offer networking opportunities with others in the same career field. For example, if you're launching a web design business, meet with an IT group or befriend a local bloggers guild.
  2. Maintain business-based social media accounts. Add professional business pages to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn Accounts. When people search online to learn more about you, they get a taste of your personality and a snapshot of your experience. For photography graduates, show off your best shots to thousands of potential clients and promote your business.
  3. Volunteer in the community. Get your name out there by mixing with like-minded people. If you've recently graduated with an interior design degree and hope to do some local consulting work, stay active with groups that help build homes for the underprivileged. Offering your insight for free will lead to paid jobs from staff or other volunteers who see your handywork in action.
  4. Write a helpful blog to promote your business. Share your knowledge for free, and business will eventually find you. For example, if you're starting a graphic design business, blog about the importance of branding yourself using logos. Then at the end of the blog post, offer your logo-creation services with a link to your email address for more information.
  5. Start an email subscriber list. Whether you have a professional website created for your new business or add subscription forms to your social media accounts, gathering a list of people interested in your services is invaluable. When you're ready to launch a product or special, simply send a mass message to everyone on your list to generate sales leads.

The key to launching any type of new business is taking steps toward success each day. Set aside time daily to promote and market your services or products, and you'll have clients to invoice in no time.

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