Go Ahead, Break the Rules: Harrington's Experimental Design Class

December 7, 2011 General, Interior Design, Graphic & Comm. Design 0 Comments

Epoxy Chair by Christian OleksiakIn the spring of 2012, we’ll be offering a class at Harrington College of Design that's bound to stand out from your typical college courses: DSN 426 - Experimental Design/Furniture Design, an elective in our interior design and communication design programs.

First, we cover all the basics: tools, joinery, material, finishes and upholstery, along with practical exercises with hand tools. Students can learn how to build small furniture by actually building their own - such as the 2x2 chair, a chair made out of only 2’ x 2’ of lumber plus one material of choice.

The class also covers the business side of the furniture industry, from manufacturer production to showrooms and the ultimate end user. Once students get the background on all the big names in furniture design, they’ll begin to research the furniture market, learn about ergonomics, and understand how furniture can transcend the ordinary.

And best of all, it is an experimental design class: students are encouraged to break the rules and design the furniture of their wildest dreams! They’ll even get a taste of pricing and marketing, creating a sales catalog for their pieces. And along the way, they’ll also be visiting leading Chicago furniture dealers on field trips for opportunities to network with the very people they may one day be buying from or designing for.

It’s definitely not your typical college class but just one example of the types of courses we have at the Harrington College of Design!

What would your dream design course be?  Share it in the comments section below!

Photo of Christian Oleksiak's "Epoxy Chair" courtesy of Peter Klick


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