Harrington Alum Focuses on Delicious Photography

February 6, 2012 Alumni News & Events, General, Photography 0 Comments

Harrington photography program

Kudos to Harrington Digital Photography alumnus Justin Paris, whose work was recently featured in Los Angeles at a juried exhibit entitled “Eat Me: The Tasty Art of Food Photography.”

The work was truly enticing - see one of his photos featured from the exhibit on the right and all of the exhibition photos here. "Food's beauty is not only in its flavor, texture and smell, but equally in its appearance,” Justin said of the exhibit. "When I look at food, I see a natural beauty in its asymmetry and imperfection. I strive to capture that in my images."

Justin earned a degree in advertising before receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Commercial Photography from Harrington College of Design in 2008. From an early age, he was drawn to creating. Today, his photography focuses on telling the narrative of his subjects through lighting and composition, showcasing his love for local and sustainable foods, vintage objects and the natural world. Justin’s work is phenomenal – if you have a minute, see more examples of his work on his website.


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