Designing Down to the Last Detail: A Thesis by Harrington Interior Design student Joshua Chen

February 16, 2012 Interior Design, General 0 Comments

Harrington interior Design thesis project

"Design is design. There isn’t a prefix attached to it. Everything down to the last detail is part of design, the (multi-)discipline of creating a functioning, enduring and pleasing product; be it in the home you lived in or the flush handle on the toilet.”

So begins Harrington interior design student Joshua Chen’s final thesis for his Interior Design Thesis class, taught by Harrington Interior Design instructor Peter Klick.

Joshua Chen’s thesis is for a 52,000-square-foot multi-purpose mixed commercial and residential space featuring private and guest residences, a large reception/lounge space, custom workstations, conference rooms, a photography studio, supply room and reference material library. The exoskeleton exterior of the structure features dynamic cantilevering to open up the interior spaces. (See the full project here.)

Joshua designed with a green focus in mind: the building has natural ventilation, radiant heat features and on-site renewable energy.

Many thanks to Joshua for sharing your project - we really look forward to seeing what you do next!


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