Reinvention through Interior Design: An Elementary School Gets a Sophisticated Facelift

February 9, 2012 Alumni News & Events, General, Interior Design 0 Comments

Harrington thesis project

One of the most exciting things about interior design is the ability to turn an ordinary space into something extraordinary. Joanna Henricks, a Harrington alumna who graduated with a BFA in interior design from Harrington in 2009, crafted a thesis project entitled "Froebel Elementary School" that accomplished exactly that.

What was Joanna’s inspiration? "Most school facilities are uninspiring," she said. "The idea behind this project is that if the school environment were different, it would enhance the learning experience. I drew inspiration from the sea because it offers a world of exploration. Children love exploring and being outdoors, so I wanted to bring that essence to their learning environment. The design also offers something luxurious for the teachers and staff."

View the full video of Joanna's Harrington thesis of the Froebel Elementary School and see more images below.

Thanks for sharing your thesis, Joanna!

Harrington thesis project

Froebel library

Harrington thesis project
Froebel bathroom


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