From Chicago to Brazil: One Harrington College of Design Interior Designer’s Story

January 10, 2012 Alumni News & Events, Alumni & Career Services, General, Interior Design 2 Comments

Harrington interior design graduate Andressa Peres Harrington blogger Amber Moore shares the story of interior design graduate Andressa Peres.

During her final semester at Harrington College of Design, Andressa Peres attended a field trip at VOA Chicago along with her classmates. While on the field trip, Andressa learned that VOA, an internationally renowned interior design, architectural and planning design firm, also had an office in her home city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Just a few months later, when Andressa graduated with an associate’s degree in interior design from Harrington in the spring of 2011, she returned home to Sao Paulo and immediately thought of the VOA office.

Andressa made the call to the office, explaining her background and sending her resume. Four months later, she was called in for an interview, and just one week later, she started working.

Working an office of 8 people, Andressa currently serves as the only interior designer on a team of architects. The dynamic and growing group works together on projects in Brazil while staying in close touch with the Chicago office. When I heard her story, I was excited to catch up with her and find out how her experience at VOA Sao Paulo had been so far.

 “I´ve been working here for one month, and so far I´ve worked on an office project that had started a while ago,” Andressa said. “For the project, I’ve been helping to draw the project and also helped in the layout and material selection. My next project is one I’m very excited to start because I´ll be able to work on the whole process. I´m going to work with [a major hotel company] who is building four hotels here throughout Brazil.

“The experience here has been really challenging. Since I´m the only interior designer at the office, I am the one responsible for sharing the interior design information with Chicago and helping to make the Chicago standards fit into our reality here. However, I am excited to be part of this growing office. They are predicting that the office here will grow and achieve 30 employees in the next year!”

Great to hear your story Andressa, and be sure to stay in touch with us here in chilly Chicago!

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Recorded December 2011

This graduate story is unique and may not represent typical experiences or outcomes for our graduates. Graduates should expect to pursue entry-level opportunities in their chosen fields. Examples of such entry-level opportunities are listed in the Harrington College of Design Career Guide.


Demetra Vartzikos January 12, 2012 at 05:49 PM

Great to hear the details Andressa, sounds that you are really enjoying the work. Again it was great to have you as a student.

Lisa Sneddon January 11, 2012 at 10:06 PM

Thanks for the update! Hello to Andressa! I have been wondering how she was doing since she moved back! Congrats!

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