What Can You Do at Harrington's Design Elements Workshops?

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Harrington Elements Workshops

Harrington blogger Amber Moore shares what goes on in our Elements design workshops.

“Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up.” - Tate Linden

Behind every great design are hours and hours of hard work. And behind every great designer lies an impressive repertoire of skills. Continuously telling your story in design means constantly developing and honing your skills. At Harrington, we recently offered a series of design workshops known as Elements Workshops to help new designers build their skills.

Developed to provide a basic introduction to the workshop’s subject, each 1.5-hour session consists of lecture and demonstration followed by hands-on studio work by attendees (see photos above and below for examples of the types of work attendees can produce).

Harrington Elements Workshops

Duffy O’Connor (Harrington Foundations instructor, color/drawing workshop leader and awesome Chicago artist), explains, “These Elements workshops offers students, prospective students and the generally interested an idea of what it’s like to be a student in one of my classes. The work is not graded but is critiqued in a supportive manner. Students also receive an Elements sketchbook with this series of workshops that is theirs to keep. From drawing form and space to basic color terminology and the fundamentals of composition, each workshop provides a great overview to its subject.”

Stay tuned to the Harrington events page and Facebook page to see when the next Elements Workshops will be available this spring – everyone (students and the general public) is welcome to attend!

Photos courtesy Daniel Hamilton Jones


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