IInterior Design Internships: Five Reasons Why You Need at Least One

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Interior Design Internships: Five Reasons Why You Need at Least OneInterior design internships are the key to gaining real-world experience before you graduate. If you're contemplating whether you should do an internship, now's the time to do so, whether you're a senior or have just started your interior design program.

Employers are expecting recent design grads to enter the workforce with technical skills and at least some experience under their belts. Interior design internships are one of the few ways to achieve this. The following explains just some of the benefits of completing internships.

1. Find Out Whether Interior Design Really Is for You

Too often, prospective interior design students have visions of shopping for accessories and paint colors in mind, never realizing all the hard work that goes into programming and planning each project. Getting your hands dirty in the real world of interior design will help you determine if this is your calling.

2. Add a Great Company Name to Your Resume

Landing an impressive entry-level interior design job is much more difficult than snagging an internship, whether for pay or college credit. An internship allows you to get your foot in the door at a prestigious design firm that will help your resume stand out from the crowd.

3. Discover What Skills You Need to Improve On

Maybe you thought you were an AutoCAD whiz, but once you got to drafting in your internship, you find that you need more practice. This is exactly why putting your education to work in an internship is a great idea. You can learn more by asking others on the job and then finding what other courses you can take in school to improve your skills.

4. Explore the Specialty Areas of Interior Design You're Interested In

Hospitality or health care design? Institutional or residential? The specialty areas in interior design are almost endless, so how do you choose? Pick an internship at a firm that allows you to explore one aspect of design you may be interested in so you find if it's what you really want to pursue. By the end of the internship, you'll be a lot more certain of your decision.

5. Start Building Your Network Right Away

So you've got the education and internship experience, but there's one more thing you need to do: network. Networking in this highly competitive field is absolutely vital to a successful career. Getting a jump start as an intern will only give you an extra edge. Take part in any social or volunteer activities available through your internship, get to know other interns and colleagues, and best of all, keep in touch! You never know when they'll be in a position to recommend or hire you.

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