A Quick History of Interior Design

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Interior design professionals can transform living, working and recreational spaces into stylish, comfortable places where people enjoy spending time. Throughout the years, styles have come and gone, but when did the art of interior design actually begin?

Check out a brief history of interior design and learn how it evolved into the popular practice it is today:

  • It started with the ancient Egyptians.
The ancient Egyptians are famous for their beautiful murals, sculptures and paintings. They decorated their simple huts with astounding artwork as well as various lavish textiles.
  • The Romans and Greeks followed suit.
    The Romans and Greeks loved to accessorize their homes with mosaic floors and frescoes. Wooden furniture in Grecian homes often featured gold and silver ornamentation. The Romans accented their furniture with various tapestries.

  • The French Renaissance changed the game.
    Throughout the Renaissance or “rebirth” period, the focus on beauty was prevalent. Wealthy homes, palaces and chapels featured stunning marble floors and furniture made from premium woods.

  • Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical came next.
    Stained glass and twisted columns were popular in the Baroque period, which was followed by the Rococo period, which popularized delicate materials such as porcelain and mother-of-pearl. Silk, velvet and other fine textiles rounded out the 18th century with the Neoclassical period.

  • Mass appeal and modern times.
    Starting in the 19th Century, interior design went from being a sign of great wealth to a much more common practice. The trend gained mass appeal as new and different styles came and went. Today, interior design often combines both functional appliances and decorative accents that are reflective of individual styles.
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