Q&A: Meet New Harrington Instructor Laura Mackin

July 26, 2012 General 1 Comments

Harrington blogger Amber Moore interviews new Harrington instructor Laura Mackin.

In an industry where real-world experience takes precedence, we are always excited to gain new talent to our pool of instructors at Harrington College of Design. We would like to introduce Laura Mackin, who was recently hired to teach Foundation classes at Harrington. I followed up with Laura to learn more about her background.

Amber: What classes will you be teaching at Harrington?

Laura: I will be teaching Foundations drawing, 2-D design, intro to computer graphics, and (my favorite) color. Also, one of my main roles at Harrington is shooting and editing tutorial videos for the Foundations program.

Amber: So what do you enjoy most about teaching?

Laura: In general, I enjoy the classroom atmosphere. A group of people walk into a room and expect to learn something. A classroom atmosphere makes people more focused, curious, and receptive to ideas. It’s a great place to be.

Amber: That makes sense! Do you have any personal inspirations you’d be willing to share?

Laura: Hmm, personal inspirations. I love books and lectures, especially anything related to art theory/history, neuroscience, memory, history of philosophy/science, folklore, and science fiction. Science fiction has become a dominant interest this year because I’m running a science fiction study group. This speculative fiction reminds me how much the human imagination has altered our world and makes me consider profound questions about humanity, life, and the future.

Amber: Very cool. Outside of the classroom, what else are you involved in?

Laura: I have an art practice that includes painting, video, book design and all forms of photography. To find out more about me and my work, you can visit my site at Also, I was recently in a solo exhibition [see it here]. And part of my art practice involves video – you can see my video entitled “Zoom (Dean, 1962-2006)” at

Welcome to Harrington, Laura!


felicia cobblah July 25, 2012 at 01:59 PM

i thinks she is cool, she looks like someone who will be very accommodative..Congrats on your new appointment Ms Laura..

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