Studying Abroad in Paris: Dispatch from Harrington Interior Design Student Andrej Pantich

July 24, 2012 General 0 Comments

Harrington College International Studies

Guest blogger Andrej Pantich, a Harrington College of Design Interior Design student, shares his experience studying abroad in Paris with Harrington’s International Studies Program.

So here I am. Sitting in a dorm room in Paris, watching people in the park across the street.  Surreal as it is, I’ve been in Paris for a week now, and I feel like I’ve been here for ages (without the whole speaking French part).

The dorm we are staying in could be more updated (built in 1930, updated in the 70’s), but for the most part, all I do is sleep here. Why do you need more when you are in such an amazing city?

Here’s what I did this week:

Arrived Sunday morning. Checked in, wandered around out neighborhood and fought off jet-lag.

Monday was orientation. We met our teachers and found out that we didn’t have classes this week. We also met all the other students from Brooks Institute in California, and we all went out and explored around the Louvre.

Tuesday we hung out around the Eiffel Tower, had some dinner, sat in a cafe, and hung out around the Eiffel Tower more and explored the city.

Wednesday was out first class meeting. A few of us went out and had an early dinner and saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time at night. (An architectural thought/side note: The Eiffel Tower is such a simple piece of architecture, but it elevates to something higher because it evokes such strong emotional responses in those who view it. Seriously, half the people that night were making out.)

Thursday morning I ran to the store to add minutes to my phone and ran home, barely missing a huge hailstorm. A few people hung out in our rooms to wait out the storm before we did some more exploring and had a great dinner.

Friday morning a large group of us went to the Helmut Newton exhibit (LOTS of nudity). Two of us walked from the Eiffel Tower to an Irish pub (5 miles or so) and watched a Euro Cup (soccer) game there.

Saturday, the majority of us went on a 3-hour bike ride through a park on the outskirts of the city. At night, we went to an English dive bar to watch the French Euro Cup game (they lost) and then had a night out on the city.

It rained today (Sunday) and everything in Paris is closed on Sundays, so we pretty much just hung out around campus and got lunch and dinner together.

A nice first week, and classes start this week.

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