Five Interior Design Tips to Instantly Enhance Any Space

July 3, 2014 Interior Design, General 0 Comments

As an interior designer, resourcefulness and creativity are your best assets. When in the programming phase, don't just focus on creating the most functional and aesthetically pleasing space possible — find ways to put a fresh spin on your designs. Take a few hints from these five interior design tips to take your latest project to the next level:

Incorporate Sustainable Materials

Harrington Five Interior Design Tips to Instantly Enhance Any Space Sourcing sustainable materials isn't merely for novelty's sake. However, knowing about green materials and the ways in which they can be used can only enrich any interior you create. Some notable eco-friendly materials include kirei, cork, bamboo, aluminum, steel, PaperStone, Syndecrete and recycled glass. Stay on top of the latest in sustainable materials to learn how each one can fit in and give an edge to your overall design.

Select High-Quality Finishes

When you're working with the best finishes, your interior will shine. Do your research on every finish so you know how it's made, how it's sourced and how it can complement your design. You should also know who the top manufacturers, showrooms and retailers are for these finishes. Educate yourself on their design options as well. For instance, while ceramic tile may be more cost-effective than marble, it doesn't come close to having the same luxurious effect. You will benefit greatly if you can leverage the materials in unique ways and tell clients that they can expect the materials to last for many years to come.

Repurpose and Reuse

It's easy to want to start over from scratch on any design project, but you should know when to hold onto existing aspects of an interior or structure. Sometimes, saving something from the past adds character to a space. For example, it could tell an interesting story if you took old, unusable bricks from a wall and included those pieces in a new fireplace. Similarly, you can weave in materials with a history, such as reclaimed or rough-hewn wood, to a new space that needs an extra feature. Details like these often add so much more charm to a space than new materials ever could.

Organize It

You should place a high priority on bringing order and harmony to an interior. You can achieve this by paring down an interior environment to the key elements that will make it work — but don't forget to make it organized. Look for clever ways to include hidden storage options throughout to hide small, everyday items that can create clutter. This will make the space look edited and curated and will highlight the design.

Just Add Art

Once you've mapped out the spatial plan and sourced all of your furnishings and materials for the major components of your space, it's time to accessorize. Unique artwork can easily make a huge impact. Whether it's an abstract sculpture or regional landscape paintings, use art to make a statement in any space you create.

There are many details to consider when you begin any interior design project. Just be sure to look at the fine details and the overall picture, and look for ways to bring something new to each one. Keep these interior design tips in mind to inspire your best work yet.

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