How to Add Personality to Your Interior Design Projects

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Even the best designs can sometimes end up coming off a little generic, so it's important to add personality to your interior design projects. You need to work with your clients to ensure the look and feel of the project accurately reflects their character, and you can achieve this by adding a few personal touches. The following are three great ways to add your client's personality to an interior design projects:

Take a New Look at Old Photographs

Harrington How to Add Personality to Your Interior Design ProjectsWhen working with your clients, don't just work on the overall look of the room and then leave them to frame and position their photographs after the project has been finished. Instead, look at their favorite pictures as a way to add a personal touch.

Ask your client to go through the photographs they would like to have around them on a daily basis. Use this as a starting point, and then build them into the overall design. Create some photo grids on particular walls and mount a selection of themed photos in key areas. Work with your client to choose interesting frames for tabletop photographs and position them around the house as accents. Work the color and style of the frames into the entire design.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Be sure to ask your clients to lay out their precious objects, whether they're particular lamps, ornaments or pieces of furniture. Ask them to show you the "nonnegotiable" pieces — they are the objects that your clients will definitely want included in their new room or house, even if you don't agree with their decision.

As a designer, you will have to work around these pieces, so it's a good idea to know in the early stages of the design process which items must stick around. It is much easier to work around them than to add them in afterward. If, for example, the client has a particular blue vase that is of sentimental value or has been handed down from a previous generation, why not use it as inspiration for a color scheme, or position it where it will be best shown off?

Think About a Bespoke Commission

The more closely your client is involved in the design process, the better the end result will be. There is often a misconception that commissioning a bespoke piece of furniture is unattainable for most people; however, this could not be further from the truth.

Introduce your client to the many craftspeople in your area. This could lead to some fantastic collaboration. For example, you could commission a bespoke coffee table or other piece of furniture. You will also be supporting a fellow designer and promoting the craft of this exciting area of business.

When a home or room effectively reflects some aspect of your client's personality, it makes both of you look good. And, who knows? An impressed visitor might ask for your name when they see the fruits of your labor.

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