10 Interior Design Blogs to Follow for Inspiration

June 20, 2012 General, Interior Design 2 Comments

Interior designWhether you’re just starting out in the field of interior design, enjoying the practice as a hobby or standing 20 years solid as a professional, you can always find room for a little improvement.

To keep up with the ever-changing trends, dedicate some time to do a little homework. Of course, getting started in a quality interior design degree program is one of the best ways to build a strong education. But something easy to do to supplement your formal training is following the top interior design blogs that are out there today.

Reading blogs is fun, helpful and something you can do on your own time. The following list offers 10 of the best interior design blogs along with a short description of each. Browse the list and see which blogs catch your eye and inspire you to start creating.

1. Hatch: The official blog of, Hatch gives you entertaining chatter on design and style from creatively quirky individuals.

2. PadStyle: This blog is made for the postmodern design fan, as it typically discusses contemporary, innovative strategies in interior design. PadStyle will encourage you to go beyond redoing the basement and give you plenty of furnishing and accessory ideas to use as ammo for your next project.

3. Apartment Therapy: Apartment Therapy shows readers how to combine simplicity and luxury. With a mission to help others create beautiful, organized homes, this popular blog will connect you to resources and ideas from a vast online community of designers.

4. High Fashion Home: Stamping itself as a “community for design enthusiasts,” High Fashion Home is the blog to go to if you’re that “urban explorer who decorates for the modern world.” It’s passionate about exploring new interior design ideas and is a great resource for trendy home or office designs.

5. Green Your Décor: If you’re all about going green, you’ll love this eco-friendly interior design blog. Jennae Petersen scours the market to find green rugs, furniture, paint and more, and she brings them to you—along with lots of photos, tips and green education—on this site.

6. Simplified Bee®: This blog specializes in helping you take control of your clutter through functional designs. Cristin Priest, creator of the blog, shares her expertise as a professional organizer and designer to help other busy moms and wives create style and efficiency in their homes.

7. Velvet & Linen: A blog that focuses on more classic, rustic design elements, Brooke Giannetti’s Velvet & Linen is a great starting point for anyone interested in interior design and provides you with lots of vivid pictures to browse through.

8. Carolina Eclectic: This chic, unpredictable blog offers a wide variety of styles and topics to read. Residential home owners can find bits of advice to suit any taste.

9. IKEA Hackers: Because who doesn’t love IKEA? This blog offers posts about modifications to IKEA products as well as ways to repurpose them. The site looks to share ideas that help others personalize their home’s style.

10. Yanko Design: This site caters to followers who enjoy minimalistic, modern or international design. It’s a focused walk on the cutting edge of interior design and often incorporates technology and fashion into its ideas.


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What would have been really nice is if you'd linked all the blogs. That's what I think.

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Amazing list! Some of the best interior design blogs on the web

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