5 Ways to Improve Your Interior Design Sketches

June 14, 2012 General, Interior Design 0 Comments

SketchingInterior design professionals are always searching for fresh new ideas that set their designs apart from the rest. If you want to become a more creative design professional, consider going back to the drawing board.

These five tips can stimulate your creativity and improve your sketches:

1. Take your sketches to the next dimension.
Hand-sketched designs are invaluable, but digital designs can complement them well. Consider learning about three-dimensional rendering software that can give you a lifelike perspective on your sketches.

2. Let your creativity flow.
Drop the cliché notions that are associated with the object you’re sketching. Look at things from different angles to get a unique perspective. Consider how these objectives might look if you were in a world with no spatial confines or boundaries.

3. Don’t get stuck on conversions.
Don’t let tricky measurements kill your creativity. Keep conversions simple by using one inch to represent one foot.

4. Change the company you keep.
If you normally sketch alone, try working with friends or other design professionals instead. Similarly, if you normally sketch with others around, try sketching alone to see if it evokes a different sense of creativity.

5. Sketch for fun.
Remember to sketch for enjoyment, not just when you have a pressing deadline or a project due. If you sketch for pleasure, you can get inspired and improve your skills in a stress-free environment.


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