Harrington Class Creates Tetris-Inspired Truck at Guerrilla Design Show

June 22, 2012 General 0 Comments

Harrington Guerrilla Truck Show

During the recent NeoCon show in Chicago, designers from around the city converged in the South Loop for the 8th Annual Guerrilla Truck show. Based on the concept of guerrilla design warfare, 50-plus design galleries, artisans, creatives and other teams transformed the interior of trucks into stunningly unique designs.

Harrington College’s Experimental Design class came up with a design concept that was as physically complex as it was creative: They transformed the interior of their rented truck into a human version of the video game Tetris.

Inspired by a Japanese game show, they designed brightly colored wooden panels and arranged them in tight formation, challenging all visitors to test their maneuverability to earn a high-five from a Harrington student at the end of the trek.

Harrington Guerrilla Truck Show

To create the concept, Harrington students studied both anthropometric (dimensions and abilities of the human body) and ergonomic (equipment and devices that fit the movement and cognitive ability of the human body) principles to craft an interior that came to life as a real-world example of what they had learned in the classroom.

Chicago has a rich history of design and design partnerships, and the Guerrilla Truck show is an annual example of just how vibrant our design community is here. Many thanks to all who worked hard on the Harrington concept and for those that visited us at the event – we look forward to rocking out a new guerrilla concept next year!

Check out more photos from the event.

Photos courtesy of Peter Klick


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