Harrington Interior Design Student Thesis: An Inside Look

July 2, 2012 Interior Design, General 0 Comments

For his thesis, Harrington Interior Design student Nicholas Gabriel designed a hotel for a leading developer in Abu Dhabi’s real-estate sector. Located in a thriving, metropolitan location with sub-tropical landscape, Nicholas’ thesis would truly be a dream project breathed to life if it ever came across an interior design’s desk.

In his design plans, Nicholas Gabriel builds his concept from the foundations of energy, futurism, technology and the idea of a hydrosphere. Check out some glimpses below!

Nicholas Gabriel thesis

The glass skin of the building is laminated with organic, light-sensitive particles that react to the sun’s light to control interior light and temperatures. Solar panels are fitted onto the roof of the building to provide for most of the building’s energy requirements.

Nicholas Gabriel thesis

The futuristic lobby has defined spaces for registration and a lounge.

Nicholas Gabriel thesis

Nicholas Gabriel thesis

The space includes a modern spa.

Nicholas Gabriel Harrington thesis

An on-site club is featured as well.

Thanks to Nicholas for creating and sharing this cutting-edge hotel design!

Designs © Nicholas Gabriel


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