Harrington Offers Free Design Workshops Open to the Public

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Harrington Elements design workshops

For anyone interested in design or photography, Harrington College of Design offers a series of free workshops to help kick-start your journey into the design world!

Each 1½-hour session provides a basic introduction to a specific design- or photography-related subject through lecture and demonstration, followed by hands-on studio work by attendees. Sign up for one of these upcoming workshops to help get a better idea of what you can expect in courses at a design college!

Harrington Elements design workshopsDuffy O’Connor (Harrington Foundations instructor, color/drawing workshop leader and awesome Chicago artist), explains, “These Elements workshops offers students, prospective students and the generally interested an idea of what it’s like to be a student in one of my classes. The work is not graded but is critiqued in a supportive manner. Students also receive an Elements sketchbook with this series of workshops that is theirs to keep. From drawing form and space to basic color terminology and the fundamentals of composition, each workshop provides a great overview to its subject.”

Upcoming workshops include:

Color – Taught by Duffy O’Connor
Wednesday June 6 6pm–7:30pm Room 402
Students will mix colors to create a range of hues and collaborate with others to create a color wheel. Some vocabulary of color theory will also be introduced.

2D Design – Taught by Duffy O’Connor
Wednesday June 13 6pm–7:30pm Room 402
Students will be introduced to basic principles of design through the creation of a simple black and white composition using paper. Techniques of cutting and presentation are taught along with the creation of the image.

3D Design – Taught by Duffy O’Connor
Wednesday June 20 6pm–7:30pm Room 402
A simple model of relief pattern is the focus of this workshop. Students will be introduced to techniques of contruction, strategies for beginning a unique design and the role light and shadow play in a three-dimensional image.

Location Flash Portrait Photography – Taught by Ron Gould
Saturday June 23 11am–12:30pm Room TBD
See how to use your on camera flash most effectively for indoor and outdoor applications.

Drawing – Taught by Duffy O’Connor
Wednesday June 27 6pm–7:30pm Room 402
Students of this workshop will receive a brief introduction to the technique of linear perspective and how it applies to design disciplines. Some history of the technique will be explained and students will have the opportunity to practice the method with the instructor’s guidance.

Logos – Taught by Adam Frommelt
Saturday June 30 11:30am–1pm Room 325
Learn to see logos with a new eye! Roll up your sleeves as you create and critique your very own logotype from the letters of your name.

RSVP now at and let us know which workshop and which day you’d like to attend!

Photo by Daniel Jones


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