Harrington Photography Student Wins National Photography Contest

June 28, 2012 Awards & Competitions, Photography, General 0 Comments

Boating and Bumming by Taryn Goodge

What’s better than taking first place in a national photography contest? Taking first place and also the grand prize – a Canon 60D! Recently, a Harrington College of Design third-semester Digital Photography student, Taryn Goodge, found out she had accomplished exactly that.

Taryn submitted the above photo for the landscape category in the national Go Pro contest. Her inspiration for the shot was both practical and conceptual.

“The shot was taken from the Hancock center, and I took it the day that the Marilyn Monroe statue was unveiled last July.” Taryn said. “Everyone was up at the deck looking out, and I had seen so many different photographs of the beach that I didn't want to take the same exact one everyone took. I wanted to take a photograph of the beach, but I didn't want anyone to know where that photograph was taken. I could have taken it in California, in New York, in South Carolina or Florida. I like the ambiguity of the image, and the idea that you know what it is, but at the same time you don't.”

We followed up with Taryn to find out a little more about what brought her to Harrington and her background.

Harrington: What made you decide to join the Digital Photography program at Harrington?

Taryn: I came to Harrington because of the teacher connections, the location and the program. In my mind, film is dead; yes, you can learn from it, but I didn't want to spend two years in photography school working with a medium that isn't even used on a professional level. The teachers were fantastic, and I liked the idea of being able to move from a rural town to the big city. I got into photography seriously after an accident crippled my hand. I wanted to be an animator, with photography on the side, but after breaking my hand and getting seven screws installed, drawing was out of the question. Good thing I learned that I like taking photos more than I like drawing!

Harrington: Truly inspiring, and it’s so good to see how well received your photography already is. So what made you want to move from a rural town to such a big city like Chicago? That must have been quite a change!

Taryn: I was born in Pontiac, Michigan, and have always lived in the state, but when I graduated high school I wanted to go into the city. Chicago always seemed intriguing - from home it is easy to get to in an emergency, and I can get the city experience without getting extremely overwhelmed, as I imagine New York would have been. Currently I am in my third semester, a full-time student, and I am looking for an internship in photography. I haven't quite decided what I want to do yet, so I am keeping my options as open as possible in regard to photography. I like everything from tabletop to portrait, but I have plenty of time to decide what I want to do after graduation.

Taryn certainly has some time to find what she loves best within digital photography, but in the meantime, we loved seeing her hit the press and can’t wait to see more within our own walls at Harrington!

See more of Taryn’s work on her fantastic website at

“Boating and Bumming” photograph © Taryn Goodge


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