3 Reasons Why You Should Study JavaScript

June 24, 2013 General 0 Comments

JavascriptThe average Web Design and Development professional may master just one programming language. But, there are hundreds of programming languages available for study.

As a Web Design and Development student, you must choose what language you want to study – and that choice may impact where you decide to pursue your degree program. So, how do you choose?

We’ve made the decision-making process a little easier for you – here are three reasons why you should study JavaScript instead of another programming language:

Ranked #1 of Languages Used by Programmers

According to RedMonk, a developer-focused industry analyst firm, JavaScript is the number one programming language used today.

RedMonk’s rankings were derived from an analysis of the programming traction on GitHub and Stack Overflow. Both companies are devoted to programmers. GitHub is an online community that allows users to share code. Stack Overflow is a question and answer sit for professional programmers and hobbyists. RedMonk analyzed the correlation between these two communities to determine what language professional progammers were using the most.

Allows you to Communicate with Other Languages

The original purpose of Javascript was to provide dynamic and interactive content on webpages. It achieves this by communicating with other languages, specifically HTML and CSS3. JavaScript can even work with HTML5, the newest programming language. Because it remains up-to-date, JavaScript continues to work well with technology (even as it advances).

When you allow JavaScript to communicate with HTML5 and CSS3, you can “implement programming logic, define and use variables, perform looping and branching, develop user interfaces, capture and validate user input, store data and create well-structured applications,” according to Microsoft.

Ranked in Top 10 for Most Sought after Technology

Craig Buckler, the Director of the consultancy OptimalWorks, reports that there were 3,742 job vacancies for professionals fluent in JavaScript in 2012 – making JavaScript one of the most sought after technologies last year.

He also notes that, with its HTML5 capabilities, demand for JavaScript has increased faster than any other language. The programming language is constantly evolving, which is why it remains popular – and applicable to advances in technology – today.

Though there are many great languages to study in Web Design and Development, JavaScript may be the best. It allows you to work with other programming languages. It also continues to evolve with today’s technology. Ask your Harrington College of Design adviser what courses you need to take to master JavaScript today.


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