Wedding Photography: Creating the Perfect Picture

June 24, 2013 General, Photography 0 Comments

Wedding Photography TipsWedding photographers are essential.

It is their job to capture this important milestone. Their photographs become family keepsakes; they are cherished by the married couple for the rest of their lives. However, the excitement and love of the wedding day may not translate on to film easily.

If you are interested in wedding photography, consider these three tips for creating the perfect picture:

Focus on the Bride

The bride is typically considered the most important person in the wedding. Be mindful of her wants and needs. An important first step is to build trust with her and her wedding party. Making her feel at ease may allow you to take better photographs.

Here are some tips for building rapport:

  • Start a conversation. Showing the bride that there is a person who cares about her behind the camera may make her more comfortable in front of the camera. Shots may look more natural and flattering when she feels comfortable.
  • Make her look good. Remember when posing the bride to break up straight lines, which can appear harsh on film, with gentle curves. Her body may look less stiff. This is an important tip to remember when you are photographing heavier brides, who often find standing poses more flattering than sitting poses. Angles and poses should flatter the bride, no matter her body type.
  • Maintain eye contact. The eyes are essential in photographs – it can dramatically change the success of the pose. Make sure your bride knows where you want her to look. Whether it is a traditional portrait, group photograph or a more creative shot, you must communicate with her. Remember that when she looks into the camera, the direct eye contact may convey emotion better.

Be Natural

Candid shots are a fun way to capture the excitement of the wedding day. These “action shots” are often favorites of the bride and groom. During the ceremony and at the reception, try to blend into the crowd to capture natural moments. Focus on how people are interacting with each other – especially the newlyweds.

When you are posing people, keep this naturalness in mind:

  • Make your subjects feel at ease by allowing them to stand how they would naturally
  • Demonstrate poses yourself, showing individuals how you want them to stand.
  • Allowing groups to organize themselves means they will stand with whoever they are most comfortable with.
  • Take multiple shots with people in slightly different poses or from slightly different angles.

Wedding photographs can seem very staged. Look for examples of more natural poses in magazines and be creative. Most importantly, remember to find the right balance between posed and candid photographs.

Frame Your Shot

In photography, a frame pulls the eye in a specific directing – emphasizing a subject or a moment. Be creative when you are incorporating frames into your photographs. Use angles or lighting to draw the eye to specific moment. Or, use an object as a frame.

According to Steph Glover, a professional photographer and a staff writer for the photography company Picaboo, framing your shot can allow you to play with different angles and get close to your subject.

At Harrington College of Design, you can take courses such as Lighting People, Social Practices in Photography and Commercial Photography to master these techniques. Keep our tips in mind if you work with brides – or, with portrait photography in general.


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