Harrington Experimental Design Class Project: Veronica Duran

March 30, 2012 General, Graphic & Comm. Design, Interior Design 0 Comments

Today’s chair feature from Harrington College of Design’s DSN 426, Experimental Design/Furniture Design, features work by Veronica Duran.

Assignment: Design a chair from a 2’x2’ piece of lumber and just one other material of choice, then join it together using only one type of material (i.e. screws, glue, dowels or nails).

Harrington Chairs for Charity

We hope you enjoyed this week’s exercise in experimental design. You can see other pieces from the class here.

Now that students have completed their 2x2 chairs, they’ll move on to learn about pricing and marketing their chairs.

They will also work to design a sales catalog for their pieces and visit some leading Chicago furniture dealers to learn more about the world of design manufacturing and sales.   

Many thanks to the instructor of DSN 426, Peter Klick, for sharing your assignment and for creating the opportunity for our students to create such exciting experimental pieces!

Photo by Harrington Digital Photography Student Julio Perez


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