Q&A: Harrington Interior Design Alumna Kylie Egge

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Harrington alumna Kylie EggeEstablishing a business doing something you’re passionate about is both an enviable and challenging feat. When I heard about Recovered Interior, a small Chicago-based reupholstery and design studio started by Kylie Egge, a Harrington alumna, I had to follow up to find out more. Read all about it in our Q&A with Kylie below.

Q: What was the most valuable thing you learned at Harrington?

A: Although I learned many valuable things from my time at Harrington, I would have to say honing my creative process helped me the most in my career. I learned a lot about my own aesthetic, what inspires me and how to keep revising and elaborating on a design concept to push boundaries.

Q: Can you share your design inspirations and what got you into design in the first place?

A: Lately I have been really inspired by fabrics (for obvious reasons!). There are so many amazing prints and textures out there. 

When I was 19 going to school at the University of Madison as a psychology major, I saw George Nelson's Marshmallow sofa sitting in front of a vintage store. After that I became obsessed with furniture and switched my major to interior design later that year!

Q:  So what are you up to now? Why did you start your own company?

A: I am the owner of Recovered Interior, which is a furniture re-design and upholstery studio. I am also taking on interior projects and have been fortunate to have worked for Kohler Company on freelance bathroom projects.

I started this company because I felt that there was a demand and a shift in the industry for custom pieces that won't break the bank. The creative process with clients on a redesign is very rewarding, especially when it is a sentimental piece that belonged to a family member.

Thanks to Kylie for sharing your story. Check out her website at Keep reading in our next post when Kylie shares a few tips for reupholstering furniture (see an example of a before-and-after project below).

how to reupholster a chair

Recorded January 2012

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Photos courtesy of Kylie Egge


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