Interior Design Trends: The New Neutrals

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Interior Design Trends: The New NeutralsBeige, black and white are no longer the only neutral colors. One of the top interior design trends of the moment is to draw from the new neutral color palettes when you design statement-making interior spaces. The following colors and design ideas will show that neutrals are far from boring. Here's how you can mix things up.


A hot color of the moment, gray is a new neutral tone that seems like it's here to stay. Gray is a very versatile color to work with; it can be warm or cool according to the space you're designing. The darker the hue, the more serious and grounding it appears. Lighter grays can look just as airy and bright as white.


Metal isn't a color on its own, but it reads as a color when you sprinkle in a combination of brass, silver, bronze and copper. By selecting a mix of metallic textures from smooth to rugged, you can create visual interest that works. Metal accents also create a masculine tone that you can use to balance more feminine furnishings and accessories.


From weathered brown tree branches to bright moss green, neutrals found in nature are soothing and comforting. Other natural neutrals include the colors of linen, wheat, sea grass and sand. Use these hues for an all-neutral space or to add an extra accent layer to an interior.


There are many nude hues available, and they add warmth and an overall relaxed feeling to a space. Choose worn leather or wood for a casual feel, or select pieces in varying shades for a monochromatic and on-trend look.


Everyone's talking about Radiant Orchid as the Pantone color of the year for 2014. Why not use lavender as a new neutral? Lavender can take on a romantic vibe in a sophisticated space, especially when you incorporate other sensual textures, such as sleek metal and soft velvet.

Find your own new neutral and start setting your own interior design trends.

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