The Career Out There: A Harrington Alumni Panel Discussion

May 17, 2012 Alumni News & Events, Alumni & Career Services 0 Comments

Harrington alumni panel

The Harrington Alumni Association Mentoring Committee recently hosted “The Career Out There,” a panel discussion for our Graphic/ Communication Design and Photography students and alumni.

Moderated by Susan Sissman, the Harrington Alumni Association‘s Mentoring Committee Chair, the panelists shared great stories about their experiences since they graduated.

The audience was comprised of students, faculty and alumni who engaged in an interesting discussion that focused on the importance of being proactive in the industry not only after graduation, but especially while still in school.

The Alumni Association would like to give a special thanks to the attendees and the alumni panelists - Christopher Gerke, Joanna Pettit, Samantha Simmons and Tyler Kaschke - for contributing to help make this event happen!

Photo courtesy of Mindy Zimmer, Harrington Alumna and Career Services Advisor


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