The Big Camera Giveaway!! (hint: Medium is the new Big)

May 21, 2013 General, Photography 0 Comments

Summer Photography Giveaway ContestTo kick off the summer, the Photography Department is sponsoring the largest contest we have ever put together! With a grand prize of a complete medium format digital system, this contest will not have a second or third place winner. Just the grand prize of a Mamiya 645 AFd camera body fitted with a Valeo 17wi digital back used from the cage!

To make sure it can be used the day you win it, the Photography Department is including the normal 80mm lens and for the film shooter in you, we are also including a 120/220 film back.

Students will be given the summer to dream up and execute a fantastic body of work just for the competition. They will have the faculty and cage at their disposal to help them along the way as well. Extra opportunities to take short seminars in project development, installation work, and advanced matting techniques will be offered with no charge. These sessions will generally be scheduled during over lunch or between afternoon and evening classes. 

The body of work can be on any topic or subject the student’s wishes; it can be shot in any format they desire. 

We are expecting student projects of a proportion like we’ve never seen before. We regularly sponsor contests and events and have given away prizes and awards even a couple dSLR’s but never something like this. 

Early interest has been HUGE and we haven’t even started classes yet. At the end of it all I’m really hoping students learn that a phenomenal body of work is always inside them and they just need to push themselves to get it out.

Of course a Valeo back and Mamiya isn’t a bad carrot either to get it out either…


What do you think?