Big Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

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Big Tips for Decorating Small SpacesDo you have a challenge decorating small spaces in your home? Making them look great is actually easier than you think. Following a few slick design tricks, see what works best for adding big style to your small space to make it feel larger than it actually is. Then take it a step further and put your own spin on your space like a professional interior designer.

Space-Enhancing Wall Colors

All a space needs is a little color to transform how it looks and feels. But with small spaces, choose wisely. Dark and warm colors can make a room feel enclosed, but lighter and cooler colors recede and have an expanding effect. So, opt for lighter shades such as a soft cornflower blue or sea-grass green. Consider keeping it simple with neutral colors, such as white, earth, grey or beige, to open up and enlarge any interior. If bolder colors appeal to you, try coating just one wall with your accent of choice. Finding unique ways to pop in color can bring visual interest to your small space, and turn attention away from its limiting natural features.

Small-Scale Furnishings

When space is limited, you have to get creative to maximize efficiency, but how do you do that? Whether you're decorating a tiny studio apartment or preparing for a sofa in a small living room, make the most of your space by selecting furniture of the right size. If you can't cram an oversized sofa and coffee table into your living room, find a slim sofa with smaller seats, and nesting or accent tables that can be moved around easily.

Clear Your Clutter

Too much visual clutter makes any space feel uncomfortable and messy, but even more so with small spaces. Too many knickknacks can look just as messy as a disheveled space twice the size.

Focus on a few quality pieces, such as framed photography, sculptures and vases to streamline everything. Likewise, arrange books and accessories on shelves in color blocks for a look that's easier on the eyes.

Use Smart Storage

Keep your space clean by stashing away as much "junk" as possible. This can include your sets of keys, mail, DVDs, magazines and other everyday items. Find cool ways to either display them (a stylish wall hook or tray) or hide them (decorative baskets or boxes) to keep everything in order and looking put-together. And if you can't find what you're looking for, create your own DIY solution, such as a fabric pocket organizer in a funky pattern. Clever storage emphasizes the most important elements of a living space, and allows you to flex your creativity in ways only true interior designers are taught to do.

Incorporate Glass and Mirrors

One of the best accents in a small space is the clever use of glass and mirrors. Reflective materials go a long way to opening up an interior, while glass or see-through furniture has an almost weightless appearance, allowing things to seem less crowded. Large mirrors can also be used to highlight attractive features, such as a fireplace, an architectural detail or a cityscape outside the window.

When decorating small spaces, be mindful of every detail, from color to furniture and accessories, and your space will instantly become cozy and full of personality.

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