How to Land Freelance Interior Design Work

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How to Land Freelance Interior Design WorkIf you're considering a program or eventual career in interior design, knowing how to make yourself stand out could mean the difference between scoring lucrative freelance interior design work or missing out to someone else. Here are four ways you can rise above the pack.

Build Your Online "Brand"

Social media gives everyone a space to express themselves, but it also raises the stakes in the marketing world. Building a personal brand is the key to becoming a distinguished professional, and interior design is no exception. Once you're satisfied with your profile, Google your own name. Are you clear in the results, or do you need to improve your exposure? Practices such as content marketing or brand journalism help businesses develop their voice in the industry, and you can do the same with a well-crafted interior design blog. Join LinkedIn and follow other interior design pages, and start a Facebook page exclusively for your professional image. Connect these platforms to one another and cross promote them to help customers find you more easily.

What Makes You Unique?

Interior design has multiple disciplines, and specializing in one of them can make a big difference in your marketability. Do you focus on home renovations or industrial interiors? Are you an expert on fabrics? Find your niche and build on it.

One way to show your expertise is to build case studies of previous projects. Endorsements are very important as well; if a client is happy with a job, ask them to promote it to friends and family or through their own social networks. You can also ask them to write a testimonial you can include on your blog.

Stay Updated on the Industry

Keep in touch with your industry's trends from around the world to inform and inspire your work. Numerous websites on interior design can help to build your knowledge base and keep you in touch with the zeitgeist. Read what your favorite thought leaders are saying and, in turn, apply it to the work you do throughout your career.

Explore New Leads

A professional network is all around you, so always be open to potential sources of freelance interior design work. Visit your local interior design stores and real estate agencies to announce your services, and give them your contact information. Think of the people that you know, including family, friends and general contacts: all of these people can help you build a network of clients that lasts well after you've completed a design program. And just like a good Facebook or LinkedIn page, ask them to promote you.

Starting out in your career as an interior designer can be daunting, but by showcasing your personal and professional talents in this way, you'll soon be the one others aspire to be like.

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