Interior Design Trends 2014: Going Digital With Computer Generated Patterns

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Interior Design Trends 2014: Going Digital With Computer Generated PatternsOne of the biggest interior design trends in 2014 is computer-generated patterns. Interior designers are going high-tech and choosing digitally created patterns for use on carpets, cushions, ceramics, blankets and more. The trend sees designers take images on digital cameras and then intentionally pixelate them for use on home goods.

Computer-generated, photo-realistic fabrics emerged a number of years ago, initially in the fashion industry, and were then quickly adopted by the interior design industry. This new use of technology enables designers to create printed one-off interiors that are totally unique. The process is still in its early stages and can be expensive, but the technology around digital printing is continuing to improve. It opens up opportunities for interior designers to customize bespoke furniture and home accessories like never before.

Here are three examples of popular designers using technology to experiment and create new looks:

Phillip Stearns

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Stearns' range of colorful blankets, tapestries and wall-hangings actually look quite traditional. However, he is using patterns that have been generated using digital cameras, taking the binary code that makes up an image and translates it visually into an original textile pattern. This unorthodox method results in stunning looking pieces.


This design house has also reimagined traditional processes by using digital methods. They have developed a range of home accessories, including upholstery fabrics, cushions, blankets and throws, all created from computer-generated designs.

Part of his Bitmap Collection, designer Cristian Zuzunaga's hugely colorful pixelated rugs are very dramatic and feature hundreds of tiny repeating squares and colors that themselves form bigger shapes. "My passion is focused on the pixel, the icon of our time," Zuzunaga said on his website. "My mission is to create beautiful products that capture the dynamic nature of contemporary living, inspired by supermodern architecture and global megacities." Zuzunaga's "Deep Grid" rug design was the winner of the Best Pixelation category at the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2014.

Georgia Coote

UK-based designer Coote applies her rich computer-generated patterns to textiles and ceramics. Inspired by vintage color palettes, she generates her designs using traditionally drawn imagery along with computer generated graphics to create playful repeats. She aims to please all demographics with quirky, warm designs that she describes as "uplifting and good for the soul." Her designs have a feminine twist, featuring pretty floral teacups, flowers and polka dots.

Whether you're sourcing textiles for clients or simply looking for interior design inspiration for a domestic or commercial space, this computer generated world of pixels is one of the biggest interior design trends of 2014.

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