Tips for Decorating With Mirrors

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Tips for Decorating With MirrorsDecorating with mirrors is a great way to enhance the decor of any home. It can be elaborate or very simple; the key is to coordinate the style of the mirrors with the decor of the space.

Mirrors for Small Spaces

Sure, mirrors are there for you to assess your appearance, but they can also be used to create the illusion of space, adding light and depth to cramped areas and tiny rooms. This can be done with effective and creative placement. Arrange mirrors to reflect and emphasize a view from outside an adjacent window, the light from a fireplace or the color from artwork hanging on the wall. An extra-large mirror can sit on the floor, propped against the wall, to create drama and energy in a small space. Mirrors can be arranged in a row near the ceiling to add height, or the entire ceiling can even be tiled with mirrors for a dramatic effect. Placing smaller horizontal mirrors in staircases and narrow hallways will also widen the space and improve the flow from one room to the next.

Mirrors for Large Spaces

Mirrors can be used to create a dramatic effect when used in large spaces, too. Mirrors in areas such as dining rooms add interest and dimension, especially when reflecting the light of candles and lamps. This creates an elegant, romantic and relaxing ambiance. Wherever mirrors are situated, the placement should be strategic and the reflection should show something of interest, helping to tie in the room's decor.

Large, open entryways that lack natural lighting are also ideal locations for mirrors. Not only does this offer a convenient checkpoint when people enter or leave the home, but it also helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere to welcome guests.

Mirrors for Coordinating Spaces

There are no absolute rules when it comes to placing mirrors. Whether they're grouped or displayed on their own, keep the scale proportional to the wall space. Mirrors can be used to coordinate with other decorative pieces in the room by choosing frames that carry the same style, such as modern or vintage. Most interior design programs will discuss how mirrors can become artworks or focal points that visually expand a space, creating dimension and luminosity.

Decorating with mirrors is suitable for any space and any budget. By coordinating with the style of the existing decor, lighting can be improved and visual space expanded.

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