Harrington Design Students Visit Mies van der Rohe Farnsworth House

November 8, 2012 General 0 Comments

Farnsworth House

Recently a group of students from Harrington had the opportunity to visit Mies van der Rohe’s famous Farnsworth House. Did you know it is only an hour outside of Chicago in Plano, IL?

The house is located in the quaint green hills of the small town and is tucked within the surrounding woods alongside the Fox River. The Farnsworth house dates back to 1951 and is exceptional in its absolute adherence to minimalism through its structure and space.

Historian Maritz Vandenburg put it well when he wrote in his monograph on the Farnsworth House, “Every physical element has been distilled to its irreducible essence. The interior is unprecedentedly transparent to the surrounding site, and also unprecedentedly uncluttered in itself.”

Farnsworth House

The feeling when you visit is surreal: simple polished glass panes are the only separation you have from the stunning nature outside. And every detail, from the support structures to the individual placement of limestone floor, was meticulously planned out by Mies van der Rohe.

Unfortunately, one thing Mies could not plan for was the unprecedented floods that have wrecked havoc on the structure over the past 30 years. I would recommend visiting soon, before this stunning house floats away!

- Harrington blogger Amber Moore

Photos courtesy of Peter Klick


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