Six Career Networking Tips for Recent Alumni

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At every stage of your career, it is important to incorporate networking activities into your schedule. Connecting with others in your field keeps you motivated and on point with issues and trends in your line of work. Next time you take a look at your calendar, follow these career networking tips and add these activities to your plans:

Join LinkedIn Groups

Do a quick search on LinkedIn for groups with similar professional interests. Then, join a discussion or two. This is a great way to meet industry leaders offering helpful advice and individuals with similar concerns and questions.

Find Mentors on Twitter

Use the hashtag search feature on Twitter to find links to helpful articles and chats about your career, then leave feedback. Reply to the posts with comments about what you found useful or insightful in the article, infographic or tip that was shared. If you find people who post many things you enjoy, follow and engage with them.

Start a Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a great place to engage with potential colleagues, customers and business associates. The business pages are public and offer analytical feedback, unlike personal Facebook pages. Use these features to your advantage to have a wide-reaching presence on the popular social media network. Click "Like" on other pages related to your work, and be sure to leave comments on posts you find intriguing.

Six Career Networking Tips for Recent AlumniAttend Industry Conferences

Whether you watch a virtual seminar from the comfort of your laptop or jump on the next flight to a conference, meeting people with similar interests is a fabulous way to network and broaden your professional horizons. You never know who you'll meet and how they can fit into your career plans.

Investigate Professional Groups

Almost every profession has a national or global group backing the ethics, morals and innovations behind it. For example, news photographers can join the National Press Photographers Association. Attend the meetings, training sessions and conferences held by your favorite professional group to meet thought leaders and experts in your field.

Write an Informative Blog

Another way to start a conversation is by blogging. It's time to take your online writing skills to the next level and keep communications professional. Your blog should focus on your career interests and give insight into your work ethic and ideas on the industry and provide helpful advice to others looking to enter or learn more about the same field. Think of your blog as an ongoing sample of your skills and your dedication to your profession.

Have you reached out to professionals in your industry recently? Do you have any favorite career networking tips? Tell us in the comments below.

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