5 Quick Tips: How to Prepare for Job Interviews

October 29, 2012 Alumni & Career Services, General, Graphic & Comm. Design, Interior Design, Photography 0 Comments

Job interview tips

With thousands of articles floating around out there online and in books on how to “Ace an Interview” and “Create a Winning Resume,” the whole interview preparation process can seem a bit overwhelming. So let me offer a bit more advice from my personal perspective and experience.

Having had the opportunity to both interview and be interviewed within the creative world, there are several things I found useful:

  • Have many, many people (especially those within your industry) read through your resume, offer their advice and look for any errors. You would be amazed at the tiny details that can sometimes pop up even after the 10th person has read it through.
  • Keep calm in interviews. Really listen to the questions they are asking you, take your time to respond, and don’t feel like you need to talk during silent periods. Those interviewing you really want you to do well!
  • The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be.
  • Never feel like you bombed an interview. Every interview and interviewer will teach you something valuable and will help you finesse your interview skills for the future. Take notes after each interview, and use each opportunity to improve until you find the perfect fit with an employer.
  • Get advice from the professionals: Harrington students, you can always reach out to Harrington’s Career Development team!

- Harrington blogger Amber Moore


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