Image Editing: 4 Color Alterations To Try Today

October 11, 2013 General 0 Comments

Color Alterations To TryHave you ever stumbled upon a box of prints or a folder of digital files you haven't looked at for years? If you're polishing your image editing skills, pick out a few favorite photos and get creative. Color alterations breathe new life into old images. Here's how!

1. Black & White

Convert a color image to black and white to make the subject the focus of the photo. Bright colors or areas of overexposure will no longer distract the viewer. Try converting old family photos to black and white if the clothing, makeup or hairstyles are bold and attention-grabbing. You'll see the people in a whole new way when the color information is gone.

2. Sepia Tone

Do you love taking snapshots of architecture or landscapes? Give the photos an old Western feel by converting them to a muted brown-red color known as sepia tone. This process is similar to black and white image editing, but gives pictures a warm, historic feel. Like black and white photos, sepia tone images make the subject—not the color—the focal point of the picture.

3. Color Blocking

Experiment with photography-turned-graphic design by color blocking á la Andy Warhol-style. Choose a close-up image of an object, person or pet to create the art work. Now duplicate the file and convert each one into a single color tone using the Saturate and Hue features of your favorite editing program. Arrange the images into a square or rectangle composition for a vibrant color blocking presentation.

4. Color Washing

When you want to highlight a specific part of a photograph, try color washing. By working with layers and selection tools, make part of an image black and white (or sepia tone) while the focal point remains full color. Try this technique to highlight a bride's colorful bouquet or the blue eyes of a wide-eyed infant.

What type of image editing makes your photos pop? Share your favorite image editing techniques in the comments below!

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